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szupernova az M61-ben!

Dátum: 1999. december 18., 23:27
Feladó: Kiss László --
Tárgy: szupernova az M61-ben!

Most jott:

    Alessandro Dimai, Cortina, Italy, reports his discovery of an
apparent supernova (mag 16.0) on an arm of the host galaxy (NGC
4303 = M61), found on a CCD frame taken on Dec. 17.22 UT with a
0.50-m telescope.  He reported the new object as being 35" east and
25" south of the galaxy nucleus; the new star is not present in J.
Wray's Color Atlas of Galaxies.  W. Li, University of California at
Berkeley, reports that an image taken on Dec. 18.5 with the Katzman
Automatic Imaging Telescope (KAIT) shows SN 1999gn at mag about
15.5.  Li measured a position for SN 1999gn:  R.A. = 12h21m57s.02,
Decl. = +4o27'45".6 (equinox 2000.0), which is 31".7 east and 39".8
south of the nucleus of M61.  A KAIT image taken on Nov. 26.5
showed nothing at the position of the new star (limiting mag about
19.0).  Previous supernovae in M61 were 1926A, 1961I, and 1964F.

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Kiss Laszlo
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