TV De-scambler 4 under $13 (Please take Advantage)
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Tárgy: TV De-scambler 4 under $13 (Please take Advantage)


Build Your Own Cable Descrambler for less than $13.  There are only 7 Simple steps to follow, and all the parts (parts number list provided) can be easily found at your local electronics store.

We Send You:
¨ E-Z To follow Assembly Instructions.
¨ E-Z To read Original Drawings.
¨ The Parts List.

Frequently Asked Questions--CABLE TV DE-SCRAMBLER

Q:  Will the descrambler work on Fiber, TCI, Jarrod and
Satellite systems?
A:  The answer is YES.

Q:  Do I need a converter box?
A:  This plan works with or without a converter box.  Specific
Instructions are included in the plan for each.

Q:  Can the descrambler be detected?
A:  No, the signal descrambles right at the box and does not
Move back thorough the line.

Q:  Do I have to alter my existing cable system, television or
A:  The answer is no.

Q:  Does this work everywhere across the country?
A:  Yes, every where in the USA plus England, Brazil, and
Other countries.

Q:  When I order, when will I get my stuff?
A:  We mail out all orders within 24 hours of receiving it.  

To get the instruction plans, the easy to follow diagram, and parts list. Just send $12, (Cash,Check or Money Order.) and you will receive your Cable Descrambler Plans right away.

You get the complete package all for just--$12 +($5.00 shipping & handling)

   Send your orders to:                 SMA
                                        1300 N.Cahuenga BLVD #292                              
                                        Hollywood, CA  90028


PHONE NUMBER______________________________________

E-MAIL ADDRESS____________________________________

Thank you for your interest.

(DISCLAIMER pleases notes: This information is being provided for educational purposes only. The information itself is legal, while the usage of such information may be illegal. We do not advocate unauthorized use or theft of cable services. If in doubt check your local laws and act accordingly.)

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