Valtozosok figyelmebe
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Dátum: 2002. április 29., 0:03
Feladó: Prof -+- SZEKFFY Tamas --
Tárgy: Valtozosok figyelmebe


Hosszu uton jutott idaig, erdekes a dolog, hatha valakinek felkelti az
erdeklodeset. Bar szerintem nem csekely mertekben tartalmaz elirasokat,
ugyhogy a viszontkozleshez kepest is kello ovatossaggal kell kezelni.


... we have an interesting question which we are hoping you can help us
For the past three nights, we have spotted a very unusual bright flash
in the sky.  We can see it from our backyard (sitting in the spa, to be
exact), looking up into the southeastern section.  We think it is in the
middle of the Virgo constellation.  There are four main stars that make
up a diamond shape, or rectangle shape.  The bottom right star is the
brightest.  The "flash" occurs in the middle of those four stars.  It
looks like a star that flashes on very quickly and then it is gone.
We timed it the first night, it flashed about every six or seven
minutes.  Tonight it flashed about every three or four
minutes.  Sometimes it is very bright, like a flashlight, and other
times it is very dim.  Always it is very brief, if you turn your head
for an
instance, you miss it.

Do you have any idea what it is that we have been seeing?!  We are
highly curious and anxious to find out what it is.  At first my
boyfriend, Joe,
thought he was seeing things.  He called me out to see if I could see
it, and I witnessed it also, for three nights now!  Help!


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