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Megvan az otszazadik SOHO ustokos
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Dátum: 2002. augusztus 15., 10:25
Feladó: Tuboly Vince --
Tárgy: Megvan az otszazadik SOHO ustokos

A small object spotted by Rainer Kracht of Elmshorn in Germany has been
officially confirmed as Comet 2002 P3 (SOHO). It is the 500th comet
discovered with SOHO.

It made its closest approach to the Sun at 16:05 Universal Time on
Monday, 12 August. Diane McElhiney won a contest run by the SOHO
science team for guessing that date and time for SOHO-500. Her
prediction was too early by only 103 minutes.

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Am.csill.üdv.: Tuboly V.

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