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Dátum: 2002. október 4., 12:38
Feladó: Hevesi Zoltán --
Tárgy: A sziberiai meteoritrol a METEOROBS lista irta

From:  "Andrei Ol'khovatov"
Date:  Fri Oct 4, 2002  3:35 am
Subject:  (meteorobs) Siberial fireball event

Dear All,

Russian mass-media just corrected the data - the event was on Sept.25 at
about 1.50 am local time - i.e. it seems that we some satellite data!
Witnesses said that there are no crater, but burnt trees. Searching for more

Best wishes,

Large celestial object falls to earth in Siberia
Residents of Bodaibo in the Irkutsk region of Siberia were eye witnesses to
the descent of a large celestial object. Scientists think it might have been
a meteorite.

The regional staff of the Ministry for Civil Defence and Emergencies
reported on Thursday that they had been informed about the unusual
phenomenon by the Institute of Solar and Earth Psychics of the Eastern
Siberian Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Scientists said that
Bodaibo residents had witnessed the fall of a very large, luminous body,
which looked like a huge boulder. The unidentified object fell in the hills
in the taiga between the villages of Bodaibo and Balakhninsky. Although that
place is located far from the two villages, people felt a tremor comparable
to an earthquake, the source said. They also heard a loud noise. Sporadic
flashes have been seen above the site.

There is no precise information about the object's origin, the source said.

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