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Dear csilla ,                

csilla we recently visited your Website and feel you might find the following very useful for promoting your
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How would you like your site to be the FIRST one listed (or at least in the top 10 or 20) when someone goes
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Would you like to know the secrets the pro's use to get PRIME PLACEMENT for their listings?

Would you like to know how to PULL in traffic to your Web site like a magnet?

Wouldn't that be great to know?

Of Course It Would...
And that's why you're here. You already know search engines can provide an enormous amount of traffic to
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98 VERSION SECRETS OF THE SEARCH ENGINES MANUAL will instruct you on how you can achieve a
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We Wrote The Search Engine. That's right... Chances are we wrote the search engine you are submitting to.
Who would you rather learn the tricks from?

We Have The Answers!

Our manual will show you:
How to get people to go to your site FIRST even if your competition is using the same, identical 'keywords' as
you! (This secret is PRICELESS!)
What Web site marketing pro's do to get superior positioning for their site. (It won't cost you a penny!)
Techniques for selecting the most lively (and proven) key words and how to arrange them for topmost
How to get your listing seen by potential clientele even when they aren't looking for you.
A little-used way to get MULTIPLE LISTINGS for your site in the SAME search engine!
A simple but effective way to get prospects to click through to your site (using an influential direct response
marketing tactic!)
The TOP TEN requested search words used on the INTERNET! (put these in your site and watch your traffic
blast through the ceiling!)
How to create a POWERFUL "pipeline" that drives a dependable and steady flow of traffic to your site!
Things to contemplate when designing your site that will make a huge distinction in the amount of traffic
coming from search engines.
Five things you should NOT AT ALL do when listing on a search engine (Avoid these common mistakes and
save yourself A LOT of grief).
A SIMPLE but effective way to get superior handling for your listing on the search engines!
How to make your listings leap out and attract more visitors!


Do you want to INCREASE the amount of traffic to your site? How about increasing it by TEN FOLD? It CAN
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Also Includes
An in depth discussion on how the TOP Search Engines work
Tips for optimizing your HTML code for robots
How to get many free Web pages
What Newsgroups you should be active with
How to find and post to applicable mailing lists And more...

This manual is completely user friendly with simple instructions that you can follow to increase the positioning
of your web site, there is no need to use or pay for web site submission services.  


This report is an invaluable tool to anyone serious about prospective customers finding them through search

We can accept Visa/MC and AMEX by faxing the following information to Instant Web at 818-985-2224

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Thank you,

Looking forward to your reply,

Richard (Web Admin)  

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