Akos Kereszturi továbbképzés tanároknak csillagászatból a CERN -ben Galilei-éj a Polarisban

Dátum: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 15:49:34 +0200 (CEST)
Feladó: "Akos Kereszturi"
Tárgy: továbbképzés tanároknak csillagászatból a CERN -ben

Kedves Tagtársak,

Most kaptam az alábbi felhívást csillagászati továbbképzésről fizika
tanároknak. Sajnos a jelentkezési hatráridő október 23. De hátha valaki
gyorsan be akar adni egy jelentkezést, alább az info.



First EIROforum* Teacher School ,
“ The Evolution of the Universe “
16-20 November 2009, CERN, Geneva

EIROforum invites European physics teachers to follow a one-week course on
the “Evolution of the Universe”. The course will take place at CERN,
Geneva, Switzerland and will be held in English. A preliminary programme
can be found at

The course will be given by renowned scientists from CERN, EFDA, ESA, and
ESO, and will give a broad overview about the origin and the development
of our Universe, starting from the Big Bang and covering the formation of
stars and galaxies. The lectures will also explain how this knowledge was
obtained. In addition, there will be guided tours to experimental
facilities at CERN and at the Geneva Observatory, practical activities and
question and answer sessions.

To apply, please write a short CV plus a motivation letter (in English),
addressing the following questions:

a) in your opinion, what should the role of modern physics (since 1920) in
secondary schools be?
b) have you used topics from modern physics to motivate your students?
c) how will you make use of the subjects covered in this course in your
future teaching?

The applications should be send by e-mail to Maureen Prola-Tessaur
 The deadline for applications is Friday,
23 October 2009. There are no course fees. For the selected participants,
EIROforum will cover costs of travel (plane: economy, train: second
class), accommodation and food.

EIROforum is a collaboration between seven leading European
intergovernmental scientific research organisations (CERN, EFDA, EMBL,
ESA, ESO, ESRF, ILL)  that  have extensive expertise in the areas of basic
research and the management of large, international infrastructures,
facilities and research programmes. See:
EIROforum also funds and supports Science in School, the European journal
for science teachers. Science in School covers all areas of science, with
articles about cutting-edge science, teaching activities, inspiring
scientists and much more. 20,000 English-language print copies are
distributed free to science teachers across Europe. The journal is also
available online in over 25 European languages. See:

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