Is your Personal Computer still working after Year 2000?

Dátum: 1998. október 2., 11:05
Tárgy: Is your Personal Computer still working after Year 2000?

Dear Customers,

We offers a practical solution for solving an important component of the year 2000 problem in IBM PCs and compatibles, the system BIOS date rollover bug.

The Millennium BIOS enabler board(TM).

This 8-bit ISA-bus card will prepare virtually any PC for the century change.

Designed to be inexpensive, easy to install, and compatible with most PC systems, the The Millennium BIOS enabler board(TM) is a highly practical solution for ensuring that the system date rolls over to January 1, 2000 correctly.

1.Supports the year 2000 date change automatically without manual intervention from the user.
2.8 bit ISA card is easily installed.
3.Designed to be compatible with most computer systems.
4.Includes a year 2000 testing utility from NSTL to verify that the computer will support the rollover after the card is installed.
5.Backed by our unparalleled technical support department and our 30 day money back guarantee.

Only US $39.95 (Available Now!!)


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