tegnapelotti nova???
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Dátum: 1998. december 15., 9:18
Tárgy: tegnapelotti nova???

Kedves KSZ!

A VSNET-en megkerdeztem, latta-e valaki kitorni az elorejelzett nova-jelolt
plancsi kod kozponti csillagot? Az alabbi valasz jott.
Eszerint e csillag eseteben meg 9000 evet kell kb. varni, hogy nova legyen

Udv: Fidusz

>Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 22:49:54 -0500
>From: "Steve H. Lucas"  
>Subject: [vsnet-chat 1509] Re: [vsnet-future 1] nova prediction
>Glen Deen wrote:>>"Soon after sundown December 13, 1998 Texas time (about
>UT 23:30) the planetary nebula NGC 6543 in Draco is predicted to become an
>extremely bright nova."<<
>Have you seen anything???
>I did some research on PN NGC 6543, and here's what I came up with: NGC
>6543 (The Cat's Eye Nebula) is a reletively recent
>occurance...astronomically speaking! (~1000 yrs old)[see S&T, April, 1995,
>pg. 12].
>Two noted variable star researchers cite: (in S&T, February, 1994,
>pg.20-25) that gas flowing from a larger star to a more dense companion
>star would need at least 10,000 to 100,000 years to heat-up sufficiently to
>cause reactions resulting in a proton-proton chain reaction, which in turn
>would generate a nova explosion, thusly from the data, I fear the
>prediction is about 9,000+ years too early, if indeed a close companion
>scenario exists for this object....this I relayed to Mr. Deen.
>His response was really "out on a limb, and strange". Thusly, I have
>concluded that this chap might be into the Holiday "egg nog" a bit
>Cheers for the Holidays,

Robert FIDRICH "Fidusz"
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